SOLVED: (I hope this works for you too)

    I had this issue with Live 9 only seeing my custom instrument racks and audio effect racks in "Ableton 8 Library" and not "User Library" and "Show in Finder" was greyed out. I tried searching for my racks by name with the Finder and nothing came up, this made the problem pretty obvious as I've had this problem before with Jbridger getting my 32bit VST's to work in 64bit ableton.

    The Problem: Unlike most people's "Library" folder being kept under User/Library, mine like many others is under Macintosh HD/Library. HOWEVER, some programs automatically save files to User/Library folder paths which, while they do exist and contain an identical file structure to the Macintosh HD/Library ones, these folders are mostly empty. The problem you are encountering here is that on machines that do this strange separation the User/Library folder is HIDDEN. The programs that put the files there know the path to get them, but any other program and your Finder search function will not see that they exist.

    The Solution:
    With the Finder selected, simply click the menu item "Go" at the top on the screen and then press and hold the Option(alt) key. You will see "Library" pop in and out of existence in the middle of the list as you press it. Unfortunately, once you have opened your secret Library, you still can't search for the files or click "Show in Finder". However, this opens up access to it so you can manually hunt down all of your stuff eventually.

    The file path for most of what you are looking for is:
    Library>Application Support>Ableton>Live8Library

    The shortcut:
    In finder you can hit Shift+Command+G or click "Go To Folder..." in the "Go" menu and copy and paste this:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Live8Library

    I hope this helps you out. I don't get why my computer feels a second version of my entire Library Folder is necessary and made the original hidden, but it just happened one day and that's the way it is, I guess. Even us cyborgs have computer problems we don't understand... Just kidding it's because one library saves preferences for each user and the other for all users. They only decided to hide the User Library Folder with Lion I believe, which I'm sure pissed a lot more people off than saved people from deleting things they shouldn't, but that's Mac for ya :)

    Peace, Love and Bass,
    Paradigm Theorem 5 years ago