I bought Max for Live as an add-on, not Max 5. It would be quite bad if the upgrade to Live 9 Standard rendered Max for Live useless, considering the money I've already spent on it.
    Pixel_Ale 5 years ago
    Wait...I'm just about to upgrade to 9 standard, from 8 standard. I bought Max for Live as an add on long ago. You're telling me that when I upgrade to 9, the update for Max for Live (from 5.1.9 to 6.+) won't automatically become available for me???? In the same boat as Pixel_Ale....If this is the case, there's a real problem.
    mukti777 5 years ago
    I do have Max 6 licensed, so can I just upgrade from live8 standard plus m4l to live 9 standard?

    Already sent this question to Ableton but no answer so far... this is so frustrating.
    xryz 5 years ago