What I don't get is Live's abandonment of people who bought EIC-2 for orchestral and piano and horn sounds.

    Then live 9 rolls out packages that I've put $600+ in my cart to equal the functionality in the 8 library with EIC. I understand its better quality, but how about a price break for users who have bought multiple licenses (it was just easier going from 5 to 6 to 8).

    I have spent a lot of money on lives expansion, I thinik all EIC-2 customers should get 50% off all the piano sounds, horns, strings, etc. etc.

    There is still no clear faq on integrating the libraries and the relative quality of the new material, do we get new better drum racks???

    If I just install live 9 its only a 500mb file how can that provide a library equal to that of live 8 suite???

    I bought the box maybe that will help. Its been a huge waste of time buying the packs that you deem free with the suite. But its confusing you advertise 9 with 40gb content...is that if I go to packs and download because Its clearly not included.

    I new you would screw older users with this upgrade and you have. I wish I would have put the money into cubase 7 where I can at least run all my VSTs.

    You've got a great product I love but I'm considering cancelling all my orders for 9. 8 was running solid and even though the upgrade is cheap, the "packs" should be included in the base library.

    Aren't you guys making enough money????????
    pablorotter 5 years ago