I unfortunately have to disagree on that Rack.

    In order to test the stereo panning, create a MIDI track with Analog that produces different waves on the left/right channel.

    OSC 1 (+0 Octave) > Filter 1 (0% to Filter 2) > Amp 1 (pan full right)

    OSC 2 (+1 Octave) > Filter 2 (full) > Amp 2 (pan full left)

    ... here we go!

    When playing a note Analog will produce a +1 octave pitched up tone on the left channel. That makes it now easy to hear what's going on.

    Well.... if you listen to the waves while activating you'r rack, you'll realize that you change the sound completely.

    First of all you have to reduce the volume on each chain by -3.01db due to the summing that is created in the rack.

    By setting Utility to "Right" you'll create a Ableton mono track made of the right input channel. (Ableton mono track = left and right channels are the same) The same happens with the "Left" setting... but this time the Ableton mono track is made from the left input channel. Both is summed together in the rack and this explais the level increase of 3.01db as well as that this is now a mono track.

    Every panning action beyoned that point can therefore not be called "stereo panning" anymore, and the same signal can be achieved by just using Utility (width 0%).

    The best I can think of is:

    Create a Rack with one chain containing Utility and map Utiliti's Panorama and Width to the same macro knob.

    But that is as well just a work around. As a matter of fact I'd like to use the "Pan Knobs" in my Session View to pan the stereo signal correctly.
    ssrmpc 4 years ago