out of interest, what do you use the standalone compressor for in that context? i use the same as you but with an EQ 8 instead of a compressor... isnt the multiband dynamics enough?
    lauriej1316 6 years ago
    Hey Laurej1316,

    It's funny that you mention this because i just recently swaped the compressor out for the EQ 8 as well. I am now using EQ8>Multiband Dynamics>Limiter>Spectrum as my master chain and it is far more reliable.

    Previously, i was using the compressor first just to gain a more in your face sound and by placing the compressor in front it allowed me to do this. I would then use the multiband dynamics to adjust frequencies but I was finding that I didn't really have as much control over specific frequency ranges. The EQ 8 infront is definetly a far more logical solution after experimenting around.

    An even more logical solution would be to place the eq after the multiband dynamics but still have some playing around to do. Any insight on this?
    markos 6 years ago