Come on, a lot of your users are working in broadcasting... how difficult is it to integrate an OMF export option? if it comes down to the cost of the OMF breveting company (if such thing exist), I m sure most of us would happily pay a bit extra to have it has an add-on/plugin.
    Geckö 6 years ago
    I was just looking for a different DAW because of the lack of .OMF. Just passed by just to support this idea, it would make Live my one and only DAW for production, sound design and post-production.
    td6d 4 years ago
    I would also like to say that for the last three years I've had to put up with having Pro Tools installed on my computer only for its .omf and timecode support. Please release us from the maddening constraints of iLok, NTFS drive names limited to 11 characters (yes, really), inability to undo deletion of tracks... The list goes on. Oh Avid, how I detest thee. But I'm still forced to waste money on your product because my favorite DAW doesn't support .omf or timecode.

    I was absolutely gobsmacked when Ableton got together with Cycling '74. My two favorite pieces of software integrated beautifully, and such a surprising commitment from both companies. From the consumer perspective it's a pretty huge paradigm shift for both parties, and a very rewarding one.
    It seems a little strange, given that such a leap of faith is possible, not to add in these two features that would widen the target market not to an existing niche (as with Max at the time), but to the whole professional post industry. I wouldn't mind if Timecode had to be enabled from within the preferences menu, so as to hide it from inexperienced users. It would just be SO good to have it at all.
    phiSound 3 years ago
    It's absolutely absurd that Ableton hasn't implemented OMF support yet. This is a huge limitation for those using Live for film composition.
    DylanWest 3 years ago
    And the years go by, Ableton please fix this.
    TheSoundEngine 2 years ago