I recently purchased the special upgrade offer from Live 8 Standard to Live 9 Suite. ($299. US).. Great, thank you. Now I'm having second thoughts and maybe should have got the bundle of Push and Live. My account says Upgrade $798. for both. That means Push was $500. on the special. Can I still get the special price for Push before the deadline? The above post says it will sell for $599.. Can' t find this info anywhere..
    lyovino 5 years ago
    I am also utterly confused by the pricing structure. I purchased the full Live 8/9 Suite in November for $524. The combined Suite+Push at that time was also available for $848.

    I inquired in December about 'adding' Push to my order and was told that Push was not 'not yet available for pre-order'.

    If Push is now only going to be available to me for $599 I don't think I can bring myself to pay almost twice the price for it.
    _vrsn 5 years ago