i'm fully aware of the fact that Live uses internally vector graphics (this happend somewhere around the update to Live 6 or 7)
    that should make it very easy for the ableton-team to support retina-gfx-mode
    what you write only shows that Live is resolution independent (by using vector gfx)... it doesn't help anything in the issue supporting retina-gfx
    verstaerker 5 years ago
    This is very true, a good work-around. The issue with full retina support is, for ableton to work fully properly on these displays, Ableton would essentially have to double their resolution again, so on a retina display, you could go up to 200%, which would be 400% on a normal display. Otherwise, their zoom feature wouldn't be as useful on a retina display.
    zszszs 5 years ago
    To be clear:

    No, Ableton Live 8 (and 9) don't have Retina support. Period.

    I do like your suggested work-around, although nobody with a Retina MacBook Pro actually wants to run their device at native @1x resolution; as you say, everything else gets really *really* small.

    Ableton won't have Retina support until its interface appears smooth and without pixelation on devices being run in @2x (Retina) mode. That's the default mode for all Retina MacBook Pros.

    Ableton needs to get their engineering act together. High DPI displays like Apple's Retina Displays are rapidly becoming commonplace. It's an embarrassment that Ableton's engineering team hasn't just fixed this. I originally worried that there might be a high engineering cost -- that Ableton's engineers would have to spend countless hours threading DPI information through their presumably very custom UI layer -- but your workaround shows that it can't be *that* hard, can it?

    Ableton: GET IT DONE.
    davepeck 4 years ago