this is not true at all!
    ableton does not have any retina display support until now, at least live beta 9 doesnt.
    the fonts are pixelated, all windows and elements are pixeled as well. sad to see that the big advantage of a good rendered GUI isnt on abletons roadmap for live 9; hope the change their mind soon....?!
    mok 5 years ago
    I have to agree, Logic 9 and Studio One already have retina support with a much more complex graphical interface imo. Lots of people are by buying Retina Macbooks now. Would be sad to see them not fix this. The word on the street from an engineer said its embarrassingly simple to fix in your app.
    mclifton 5 years ago
    Well, simple fix is not working. Usually you can add HighResolutionCapable flag in info.plist inside .app package, and this enables correct fonts rendering. This worked for many different apps, but it's not working for ableton live.
    fuzZz 5 years ago
    I guess you do not know what Retina support is.
    Live 9 has no Retina support for the moment. For this Ableton needs to add x2 versions for all non-vector graphics (yes it contains non-vector stuff), vector drawing needs to be 4 times bigger (for the same screen resolution), ...

    The new Live9 color scheme is very bad on a Retina too. Make sure you use Live8 color scheme if you have a MBPr ! Otherwise it is really unreadable at some point.

    @ Ableton devs:
    UPDATE LIVE 9 FOR RETINA !!! Please ...
    SubSonics 5 years ago
    Yes, please update to Retina. I can't believe this was not on the list for Live 9! Talk about failing to keep up with the times...Let's get this on the board sometime soon, what do you sayyyy???
    brianroach 5 years ago
    Yeah, this is a real let down. A shame such great software isn't keeping up with the times. I bought my MBP specifically for Ableton.
    gizma 5 years ago
    +1 for retina support. Come one Ableton , this can't be so difficult. I understand not doing it straight away, but with the amount of retina machines shipping now surely it's worthwhile, especially based on the above comments about it being vector based which suggests that this change would be fairly simple.
    manchini 5 years ago
    +1. Hope you guys prioritize this!
    djooprod 5 years ago
    please make an update with Retina support !!!
    locomote 5 years ago
    Zzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzz
    ArmandoC 5 years ago
    i won't be upgrading until retina is supported
    thomasbuckler 4 years ago