Well, I got an email from them today which basically said "The pricing change that you saw was due to an error in our system on the announcement day........The prices out now are the correct ones, and include the 25% discount that we are currently offering. You can view the correct upgrade prices by logging in to your account......."

    Still says EUR 254 to upgrade to Suite 8.

    I do not buy the 'error in our system' part at all. For that reason alone, I'll not be upgrading.
    MikeHulme 5 years ago
    Ableton are fibbing, When I upgraded to Suite 8 it was'nt just any random price list I was looking at, there was a clear graphic Stating " Upgrade from L8 to L8Suite and get Suite 9 Free when available." Considering I have bought Operator, Sampler, & Drum Machines as add-ons in the past, I thought this was quite fair. Tempted to bail out when Bitwig is available...
    erikvon665 5 years ago