sorry buddy I was about to leave for work.
    The controls of the vocoder,can be automated, like every thing else.
    So if you,right click on your mouse,over ,say the Formant control,you can automate that control (parameter) in the arrangement view,by either drawing in the automation with the pencil tool.
    Or by recording the automation,as your turn a control.
    I use automation for a lot of things.its great for slow increases in Formant control,as an example
    Have a go,its worth doing,ha,ha
    david.barker 5 years ago
    That for sure.
    Do you know if it can be also activated and tweaked via midi?
    Ser_Yo 5 years ago
    Of course,buddy!! You just need to map the vocoder to your midi controller!

    Do this by activating the midi button on the top right of session view.this will turn all controls that can

    be automated blue( please see my picture for reference)

    The other one,key mode will turn orange,this mode is for mapping to your computer keyboard

    Make sure your midi controllers are set up properly, find the preferences window as in

    my picture,and set you controllers to suit


    Then set up your automation via midi,by clicking on the control of the vocoder,once.T

    There will be four tiny brackets around that control,to let you know this has been mapped to your midi control knob,slider etc

    The midi window will pop open to show which control is mapped and to confirm

    Have a look a my picture for reference


    To un map a control,right click and select return to default,or you can edit the mapping,say to another midi control knob,as an example

    Hope this helps,Ser Yo
    david.barker 5 years ago
    It helps a lot, thank you very much :)
    Ser_Yo 5 years ago
    your very welcome, Im still learning Live well since November last year
    this remote mapping is one thing I got to learn.
    But been a Reason user for 4 years prior,so knowledge learned there,came in handy for Live as well,
    david.barker 5 years ago
    That's my problem, I am new to music, so I have no idea about midi, midi mapping, using a DAW, and I even have problam understanding which cables to chose, how to do connections, how to avoid noise, what is a compressor for, what I need to get the sounds I want, etc... :)
    So, the help of others is vital for me, it can save me lot of time and money spent in useless things :)
    Ser_Yo 5 years ago