i only add'd thahh answer to this 1 yr. ol' comment cuz the solution to the problem was not recievedly expressed (just an "I'll try what u suggested" comment), and though my problem was pitch bend oriented, it did not incorporate a 2nd party so it might be completely irrelevant.....but it was frustrating to figurr owt... so I hope this iz helpful to users and developers.

    1 morr thing. I think Ableton is groovy and I love it's capabilities. I have few labeled cons... I lerted depth of: orchestration, composition, layering of voices, and basics, and mixing/mastrin with vol aud efx with this prog. I like. Familiar to. I only want to get as close to the limit of perfection as possible in my creativity and using tools tools that are on the fringe of that line... can't hurt.
    mentalflow 5 years ago