Hi Ryder,
    Thanks for your answer. But I think I didn't make myself clear.I tried at a friends studio ( he has Live 8, I only have Intro ) to set up the following: 2 audio tracks with a looper assigned to each track. Then, I set up the main looper button to 1 pedal of the fcb. Arm the track, start looping, everything OK.
    Then, I assign the main button on the looper of the second track to the same pedal.
    Arm the second track, but now when I press the pedal, both loopers start to record. Of course, since only the second track is armed, my first loop remains OK, nothing gets overdubbed or erased. So it's not much of a problem. But suppose I want to assign the reverse function also to one pedal and have ONLY THE SELECTED/ ARMED TRACK react to this one pedal.....how could this be done ? If you happen to know the Mobius looper, this is easy to configure in it. I need to have this kind of configuration since I want maximum control over the main looper functions from a limited amount of pedals.
    Thanks for any help !!!
    synthlab 5 years ago