Thank You so much! i feel a lot more comfortable now. yes i'm barely starting out and all this information is very helpful. our music is very simple. as of right now it is just three of us. our set up is very simple so far all we really use is a guitar which i set up with different audio tracks and from there i have different effects on different tracks which i arm at certain times, then we use a microkorg with no effects just as a regular instrument. we don't have too much drums but when we do they are just loops we made which i launch with my launchpad. the only other things we use is a midi keyboard with 88 keys which runs through different software instruments which i arm with the launch pad, then just different audio tracks for the mic each with different effects. I'm sorry but i don't know if I'm going about this wrong since i don't know how people use live... but the way I've been thinking is just setting up different audio and midi tracks and then arming them to play them. is this a smart way to go about using live for our performances? because i will be controlling pretty much all of it. one member will be playing the guitar while the other sings and sometimes plays keys. i will be mainly playing keys and launching the clips. and arming each track at different times. do people use live like this?
    CruzMagnets 5 years ago