Thanks for your response. The people at NI gave me a very poor answer:

    "Hello Tony,

    first you need to tell me what should be the purpose of connecting you Juno via MIDI to Traktor.

    Do you want the Juno to control Traktor via MIDI messages?

    Cause this would be the only purpose of this.

    If you want to get the SOUND of your synth into S4, then you need to connect the AUDIO out of your Juno to one of the Audio ins on the S4.

    Please note that I cant help in any way with your questions you have regarding Ableton Live, this is stuff you need to discuss with the Ableton support team."

    And I made perfectly clear that I've already recorded stuff from the Juno using audio ports.

    Anyway. Should the MIDI port in the kontrol S4 show up in Live's list of MIDI ports even when the Juno isn't connected or does it show only when I plugged in the MIDI cables? As it is now, nothing is showing, regardless of what I do. There seems to be an issue with the signal getting stopped at the kontrol S4. But I haven't even figured out how to change the MIDI port in the S4, as that might be the problem..
    Tonka3000 6 years ago