Its a Vestax VMC-180 3 channel mixer, two 1200's and ortofon needles. I usually have the mixer going into my stereo receiver through rca cables in the master1(unbalanced) jack. When I try the hook it into the Mac the only thing I can use is the 1/8 cable. I am not using time coded records either. I would like to be able to monitor thru both the stereo and the headphones. My goal would be to be able to spin a set with my vinyl while being able to add effects or my own tracks from ableton while recording. I have no idea if this is possible, but i sure do hope so!
    minns1115 3 years ago
    That's definitely possible. This would be a little easier to do with an audio interface with multiple ins/outs, but I think you can still make it work with what you have:

    Start with just getting the turntables to your stereo: On the Vestax you've got your turntables hooked up "PGM 1" and "PGM 2" set to "Phono 1" and "Phono 3" accordingly. You've got the Master hooked up to your stereo receiver like usual, through the Master 1 (unbalanced) output. Nothing different here from your usual setup.

    Next to get signal into Live: run a stereo RCA to 1/8" cable from the "Send" out in the Output section of the Vestax to the built in input on your iMac. In Live's preferences (command + ,) set your input to "Built in Input" and your output to "Built in Output". Make an audio track and either record enable the track or set the "Monitor" to "In". Now when you turn up your send knobs on channel 1 and 3 on the Vestax, you should see signal coming into Live on that audio track. You should now be able to record into Live and add effects on that audio track.

    Now to get signal from Live in to your monitors. There are a few ways you could go about this, depending on where you want to plug in your headphones. I'm assuming you want to be able to plug your headphones into the Vestax mixer (and you've still got channel 2 open). Run another 1/8" to RCA cable from the built in output on your iMac to the "Line 3" input on your Vestax. Now set the switch on the "Sub" channel to "Line 3". Before you bring up the fader, set the "Monitor" to "Auto" or "Off" on the audio track we made in Live (this way you don't have the turntable signal coming through the Vestax twice). Now load a clip into a new audio track in Live. When you play it back, it should play back onto channel 2 of the Vestax. Now you should be able to monitor the Master out through your stereo and headphones.

    Note: You don't want to bring up the "send" knob on channel 2 of the Vestax, as that will take signal from Live and send it back into the input, then back out to channel 2, etc. and create internal feedback. Also, if you want to use your sends for something else, you may have the use the "RCV" outs of the Vetax to send to Live instead (I'm not very familiar with the mixer so you may have to experiment).

    If you want to hear the effects you are applying while your spinning records you can set the "Monitor" to "In" on an audio track so that the signal from the turntables goes through Live and comes back into channel 2 on the Vestax. You might hear a slight delay from the turntables to the speaker this way because the signal has to pass into Live and back which is causing latency. This may take some experimenting to get this to work how you want it and is definitely where purchasing an audio interface would make things easier. I won't go into latency here. This what the Live manual has to say about it:

    "Generally, it is preferable to work with an audio interface that allows for negligible latencies (a few milliseconds). If you are recording into Live with monitoring set to Off, you may want to make the Audio Preferences' Overall Latency adjustment, which is described in the built-in program tutorial on setting up the Audio Preferences."

    I hope that helps you out man!
    Sorry if I went into too much detail; I always prefer too much to not enough.
    shipwreck 2 years ago
    Got it working. Thanks for taking the time to help me on that. It is very much appreciated!
    minns1115 2 years ago
    Not a problem. Routing can get really frustrating. Glad I could help!
    shipwreck 2 years ago