Hey there,

    I un-installed touchAble server and went to the website to download the most current version of the touchAble server. When I re-installed the touchAble server it allowed me the option to select "Live 8.3" along with the other versions of Live that I have. I choose to just select "Live 8.3" and unselected the older versions.
    Then you have to go to "Preferences", "MIDI" and select "touchAble 1" from the "Control Services" drop down menu. Then I was able to ask the touchAble app to find a server address...I no longer received the "(0) Slots" and the program worked fine.

    touchAble support wrote me back right away after I told them the issue. They described the same process, saying that you have to do this each time you upgrade to a new version of Live. They apologized for the inconvenience. "No problem at all, this program is amazing!"


    asimplesound 5 years ago