Hey Dragontheory you can record any pot sweeps.. without using the soundtower plugins
    just set the midi in and out prophet port in your Ableton preference.
    select an empty midi track
    arm to record
    tweek the filer or any knob/pot
    edit the midi file recorded
    Tick the E to edit the enveloppe
    You'll have access to different parameters.
    Select Midi CTRL
    Select Data entry 38 for the filer sweep (you willl have a red square )

    The other solution is to buy the soundtower pluging which is worth and great to have, I am using it with the Prophet and the moog. You'll have a deal to buy the VST + the editor for $69 or $49!! It's nothing compare what you have spent for your synth ;-)
    klassix 4 years ago