Basic step by step instructions to accomplish this:

    1. Create MIDI track

    2. Assign MIDI track output to Guitar Rig instance that is processing live input

    3. Create empty MIDI clip.

    4. Assign program change value to the MIDI clip in the Notes box (program change value needs to match program# in Guitar Rig Live mode preset list)

    5. Edit clip length to match length of time you want to play this preset tone.

    6. Create a Follow Action in the Launch box for the MIDI clip. Set Follow Action length to match length of clip. Set action to "Next". Set probability to 1:0.

    7. Goto step 3 and repeat for next part of song requiring a new Guitar Rig preset.

    ***Assumptions made in these steps ***

    1. Guitar Rig is in Live mode.

    2. Guitar Rig track is in "Monitor Input" mode

    3. The backing tracks are locked to the tempo in Live.

    4. The backing tracks are being launched from Scenes.
    JamesMiles 5 years ago