You must not track vocals that much. Sometimes when you use an insert like a hardware device you have to ride a fader DURING the recording process. You may have to change the level of the singers headphones while he/she is recording. Then you immediately have to get ready for the next take. The LAST thing you need is another step in-between. I mean Ableton is already slacking on track playlist, and efficiently dragging down to other tracks so we don't need anything else adding to the severe neglect for pro tracking features.
    hmj 6 years ago
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but when you record a singer, you record the voice, right? And the signal that the singer is listening to can be sent through a send track or a separate cue, so you can adjust send- or cue volume WHITHOUT changing the recorded track.
    And besides, after you have recorded everything, it is very easy to set the automation of the volume back to default. You have to mix it into the final track anyway.
    And to answer your question; i record a lot of live vocals on a regular basis and have never seen this issue as being a problem.
    I mean, it still takes some work to make a track, so why worry about something that can be changed/fixed literally in seconds?

    Like i said: use cue channels for the headphones. You can even let the singer adjust their own volume during the recording, and it won't interfere with your recording. Again, i don't see the problem.
    Near Earth Object 6 years ago
    Amen to that!
    djaaronb 1 year ago