I think it may be more straightforward in some cases to do this as a Track operation, rather than with a Rack

    These steps will separate L/R sides of a stereo track:

    1. Add a Utility device to the end of the track's devices
    2. Duplicate the track
    3. Set the mode of the original track's Utility to "left"
    4. Set the mode of the duplicate track's Utility to 'right"
    longjohns 7 years ago
    You can get mono files using both these methods. With Dennis's, follow all steps, including setting up recording the left signal up to Step 3. Now, instead of playing and recording into the new track, set the track's monitoring to In.

    Now select your audio file and render your audio (it's easier to do from Arrangement View). In the rendering options, under Rendered Track select your new track and turn on Convert to Mono. Set everything else as needed and render. This should output only your left track as a Mono track.

    You can set up 2 monitoring tracks, one for L and one for R, and Render All Tracks from the Export Audio dialog to get both Left and Right as mono files. This is also useful with longjohns's method.
    rbmonosylabik 7 years ago
    @longjohns, Your point might be handy to have as an answer rather than a comment.
    edm 7 years ago