This is a major blow for something like Ableton Live 8 and beyond to have 60 second limitations on Drum Rack, Simple, or Sample or any other Instrument in Ableton Live 8 and future versions.

    So you mean to tell me Drum Rack can't play a SAMPLE longer than 60 seconds. I find this hard to believe and just can't understand why?. why such a program would have such a limit on sample play back. What if I'm working in Arrangement View, Well I can go on about (What If's) and samples that don't work for production (IF YOU DON'T WANT TO USE CLIPS) a simple example of one, If I'm doing a Podcast in Arrangement View and setup a Drum Rack on a track to trigger Censor Bleeps, Drops, Sound EFX, anything that runs longer than a 60 seconds you can't do that LIVE because every instrument has a 60 second limit for samples, WHAT??? I can't trigger nothing "LIVE" recording in Arrangement View for something as simple as a Podcast with out bringing in a plugin like Battery 3. I downloaded Battery 3 demo and ran it in Ableton Live like Drum Rack and was able to setup 64 samples that I made from 4 banks or 16 and can trigger whole songs from each 64 slots if needed or samples longer than 60 seconds. Drum Rack can do this BUT CAN'T PLAY SAMPLES LONGER THAN 60 SECONDS. WHAT? I have Ableton Live why do I need to buy Battery 3 or something Why? Ableton Why?
    TheBlock 6 years ago