This does not work when you're using electronic drums with Ableton Live. MIDI messages from drum trigger to MIDI interfaces to not behave like MIDI messages from MIDI keyboards and the like. I myself have an Alesis Trigger IO (which is recognized in Ableton) which will trigger samples from Live's drum rack but cannot trigger clips to play or stop. I have tried many times. From what I've been able to put together, it is because drum trigger to MIDI interfaces send an extremely short note on-note off signals. These signals are too short for Ableton to recognize. Now, I can't comment on why this is the case, but I have heard that the solution is to use some sort of external software program to put a "hold" on the MIDI notes to extend them a little longer so that Ableton treats them like MIDI keyboard notes. I would assume the down side of this technique is that it might blur extremely fast playing.

    I've had a number of drum triggering issues that I'll be asking questions about. I would love to have native support of drum trigger "triggered" clips, as well as the capability requested to play very long unwarped audio files.
    analogdrummer 6 years ago