Same for me !!!

    I try to find why, which pattern but for the moment it's too much random crash
    LopDog 3 years ago
    I created RokVid, and I'm happy to help you fix the crashing. Generally, most people who report crashes have fixed the problem by upgrading the latest version of Max for Live, which you can get from this site.

    If that does not resolve your problem, let me know the following information and I will be able to better help: Mac or PC, version of Live and Max for Live, 32 bit or 64 bit Live.

    For tips on performance, check out my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1QqpnIj5zM

    Adam Rokhsar
    arock* 3 years ago
    Hi Adam Rokhsar. Thanks for the help. I was in 6.1.6 version max for live. Upgrading decrease the number of crashs. But after few days. It restart to crash constantly.

    Im on PC, with live 9.1.2 and max for live 6.1.7
    I already check your tips on performance.
    I can send you the report of crash but which mail ?
    LopDog 3 years ago