combining audio and midi tracks as well as multiple audio tracks

I'm new to this entire process so any help will be gratefully appreciated.  I have my rhythm guitar track laid down and have selected a drum beat to go with it.  There is a particular section of track where everything sounds just exactly right as far as the timing goes.  I want to loop that section and record it with the drum for the entire song.  Is there any way I can do that?  Also, there will be a section of guitar for the chorus that will differ from the verse section.  I need to be able to record another track for that part and put it where it goes in the song.  And then there's the problem of putting the vocals in too.  When I tried to do so, I was not able to hear my vocals more than seemingly very distant in the background.  Sorry I don't really know much about the terminology, I'm definitely very green!  Thanks for the help!!



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    Nope, I don't think Live does looping...
    just kidding, that's exactly the thing that Live does amazingly well.

    It sounds like you need to learn a lot more about the basic functioning of live. Do you know whether you are in Session mode or Arrangement mode?

    Either way, if you double click the clip in question, it will appear as a waveform along the bottom of the Ableton window, from there, you have access to all the clip functions, you can set the locators (little left and right pointing arrows) to set the part of the audio you want to loop. Then make sure "warp" and "loop" are selected (for best results, look up tutorials on how to properly warp audio, but just selecting warp should at least get you on the right track, make sure the warp mode is set to something like complex or pro, and not beats unless you are using it on beats). Now that part will loop (in Session mode, for arrangement mode you have to position your cursor along the right side of the clip, then click-drag to the right to lengthen the clip) then it will loop the part of audio contained between the locators.

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    Boy you said it! Yes I certainly do have a lot more to learn, but ya gotta start somewhere right? I've been jogging back and forth between session and arrangement modes and basically just experimenting at this stage.  I've been poring through the Live manual (478 pages!) and trying to pick up the terminology at the same time, ha. Anyway, thanks a bunch for taking the time to help. There is a new Christian songwriters contest that I'm trying to get this song ready to enter and the deadline date is October 31st! Hope I make it, thanks again!

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