Collision bug?

What on earth is going on here...


I'm experimenting with making collision patches -- I have a simple 8th note + two 16th note pattern playing on a clip as I tweak parameters.

At one point I turned on the 2nd resonator, and the sound dropped out completely. Then when I turned it off, sound came back but with this strange tone above it. The tone continues either held or sometimes playing the rhythm of the clip. 

What's crazy is that it continues even if I turn everything in the device off -- both oscillators and both resonators. I know it's coming through the device because when I adjust the main volume knob at the far right it does change the volume of the tone as expected. 


This has happened a couple times now... I'm totally baffled. Anyone know anything about this issue?

On further experimentation -- I thought it might be a processor issue due to the fact that I have latency set low (64 samples)

So I switched to 256 samples and the sound was still there but it just shifted down two octaves!!! As expected, going to 128 samples moved it to the middle octave. 

Super bizarre



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Chris Thompson 1 year ago | 0 comments

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