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I'm current collaborating with a friend who is using Live 8.2.6 on Mac OS 10.6 I'm also on Mac 10.6 with Live 8.2.7. When he does a collect all and save of his sesssion and .zip's it over to me, I open it and receive this error


"This set contains features that are limited or unavailable in Live 8"

Details: The tension instrument is not available.

"You can use this live set but you will not be able to save any changes made to it. "


I open the session and search for this tension instrument, and don't find it on any track. I tried re-authorizing live so that my save capabilities would come back, no luck with this session. I am able to open other sessions created on my computer with full access. 

I also asked my friend to send me a different session entirely and get the same error message, this time with "The Sampler instrument is not available. "

Has anyone else run across these issues? I have both sampler and tension install on my machine. 





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    These messages are a warning saying you haven't authorized these instruments. That may mean they aren't installed or your trial of these instruments has expired. Unless you have purchased Suite 8 or these instruments individually they are only demos.

    Your friend will need to bounce these tracks down to audio files and completely remove the instances of these instruments before you can open and save his set.


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