Clip auto-zoom: 100% or last-used?

For some reason when I click on certain audio clips the clip view defaults to the last zoom setting I was using for that clip... but with others, it automatically zooms out to 100% (cumbersome with a 1-bar loop that comes from a 10 minute audio file -- it means I need to zoom in immediately every single time I click on that clip. 

I can't figure out what the difference is with the clip that makes this happen. Both versions happen in both session or arrangement view, and with warped/unwarped clips.

I am working between many clips and every time I click on one the first thing I have to do is zoom all the way back to my loop from the 100% zoomed-out long audio file. It adds a lot of time. 

How can I set the zoom setting for a clip so that it's the same every time I click on it?


Chris Thompson 1 year ago | 2 comments

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