Clipenvelopes in Arrangementview, A9


since version 9 do not have the full range of options to automate via clipenvelopes in the arrangement view as I had in version 8: The first drop down menu, where one usually selects the device in which the parameter lies, only has "Clip" for audiotracks and "MIDI Ctrl" for MIDI clips, but nothing more - see this screenshot:

There are some effects on the track, i.e., a EQ and an auto filter, but as you can see, I cannot automate their values. Clicking on it doesn't change this either.


Is it supposed to be this way, i.e., one can only automate globally via the track automation, or is this a bug?


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    Yes, there should be a way to do this. I'm not sure why you would not be able to do this. Make sure your preferences are set correctly, 

    That option only shows up for me when I click the "Only Show Adjusted Envelopes" Option in the first box in the envelopes section. I am not sure why that would not work for you though. Perhaps try clicking on the nur geänderte Kurven zeigen and resetting it. It might just be a glitch for you, Live 9 seems to be very stable though.

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  • Guevara
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    Did not have it in the past, not with the Beta and not with 9.0.1. But now all of a sudden the option disappeared. It's also not the "Only Show Adjusted Envelopes" that can solve this problem. Strange...

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