Clip envelopes to modulate effects on audio from an external source?


I'm sure this has been answered before but I couldn't figure out the right search terms to get a good answer.

I'm using Live for a live performance and we have one microphone coming into the set for a performer whose voice needs to be altered in different ways at different points in the set. Right now we have one track reserved for the microphone.

Is there a way to apply clip envelopes to the incoming audio signal? I basically want to have a clip I can trigger whose "content" is the incoming audio signal, but I can't figure out if that's possible. I'd like to stay in session view if I can, because it's an improvisational performance.




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    If i understand you correctly, you need something called "ghost clips".

    This basically means you load a clip of audio, turn down the clip volume to 0 and add fx.

    Now set the input to the mic signal and use clip envelopes to draw the automation.

    Search for ghost clips to find more info on this. 

    10 months ago | 1 comment

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