Clip editing in "legato" style

See if I can make my self understood here ;)
When editing a small portion of a loop in a clip, and need to go back to that part over and over again in time, the clip being edited sure starts where I put the scrub, but all other clips start from 1.1.1.
I would like to to able edit clips in a legato fashion, like in the launch mode for clips.
So when I scrub two beats back, all other clips would scrub back two beat also, from their location in their timeline. Otherwise I have start from 1.1.1 everytime to hear all clips in right position, very tidious, specially when th clip you're editing is 8 bars or so, I'll have to wait seven bars to come that point! So there should be another scrub mode, where the scrub affects all clips from their current position.
If there is a workaround, let me now. I know one solution is arrangement view, but when I'm in the building/creation/idea faze I like to use session view.


bjoeri 4 years ago | 0 comments

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