Clicking/cracking sound on 9.1 32bit and 64bit, but OK on 9.0 Lite

I have Live 9.0 Lite 32bit, Asus Xonar D2X soundcard and I use Asus ASIO drivers for my card on Windows 8.1. I also have a powerful PC (Intel i-4670, 16GB RAM). The test tone in audio settings in 9.0 Lite plays clearly on highest CPU load. I can adjust buffer size and have it at 512 samples.

I also installed Live 9.1 Suite trial, both 32bit and 64bit to test. On both of them, the test tone is cracking very much and not clear, even at 0% CPU load. What is more strange, I cannot change the buffer size! The control for it is not editable and set to 444 samples. Same ASIO driver, same settings.

Initially I had thought it was 64 vs 32 bit problem, but both 32 and 64 bit Suite trial versions have the same problem. The other difference is that Lite, which works fine, is at version 9.0, while the trials are 9.1. I cannot find a way to get trial 9.0 to check. Is it possible that something broke on 9.1? Or maybe it's a difference between suite and lite? The trials are installed in separate locations and so is the Lite version.

Thank you.


Kalessin 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    Could I try suggesting going onto the Scarlett MixControl and putting up the ASIO Buffer Size. It's in the "Settings..." button. Find a good of delay, milliseconds of buffer time seems to make the difference for me. If not, good luck on getting this sorted ^.^

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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