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I clicked "Edit" in the Sample box of the Clip View, and browsed to select a sample editor. It's actually Adobe Audition, and I realize now that DAWs don't work well as a sample editor. What happens is that Audition will launch and hang. I don't want the Edit button linked to that application anymore, and I don't know how to clear it. The Preference File/Folders only lets you browse for another application, but I can't select another wave editor since I don't have one. I'd rather it all go back to the default of no editor selected. How do I go about doing this?


djbamboo888 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Carlosnik
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    Im sorry to tell you that you are not able to press a button to restore the Preferences.  Once you have choosen an Editor for your System, Ableton Live will only let you change it by another one.

    If you want to restore the preferences, you need to Delete de file Preferences.cfg that is on your hidden Ableton Live Preferences Folder.

    By deleting this file, you will restore ALL the preferences from Live 8.


    Do it by your own responsability.


    P.D. : Live should have a button for restoring the Preferences.

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