Changing the top row encoder destinations on Push?

Is there a way to change the top row encoder destinations on Push? Let's say I'm editing a rim shot in a drum rack and it gives me a set of eight parameters. If I would like to (even temporarily) assign one of the encoders to edit some other parameter than those eight offered to me, how would I go about it on Push? Or is it possible at all?

I've used Arturia's SparkLe for some time and it has this ingenious way of shift-turning an encoder to select its destination. This kind of interaction I've been unable to find on the Push. Any ideas?


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  • mcbpete
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    The best way to do it is to go to the chain of that track (even if it's just the one drum machine) and press cmd/ctrl-g to group the track. This'll make a macro device where you can select any 8 parameters on that effect chain for you to control. Those will then show up on the push for that particular track.

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