Changing the mapping of LaunchKey's pads

I'm trying to create a live set at the moment where I'm am using the pads on my Novation LaunchKey in two separate halves - the 8 pads on the left I would like to assign to triggering clips in Ableton's session view and the 8 pads on the right assigned to controlling FX on other tracks. The one thing that I'm struggling with is changing the clips in session view which are triggered by the 8 pads on the left for each song in the set. 

My current solution has been to create a new track for every song in the set, map the 8 pads on the LaunchKey to the top 8 scene launch buttons via MIDI mapping and then mute all of the tracks in the session except the one which contains the clips for the song I'm currently playing. The image below shows how I have the pads laid out:


I'd like to slim this down so that instead of having to create a new track for every song that I want to play and then muting and unmuting tracks, I can just put all the clips into one track which I can then scroll up and down through the scenes to select the bank of 8 clips for whichever the song I'm playing. For example, the first song will use scenes 1-8 then the second song will use scenes 9-16 and so on. If possible I would like to use the 8 small buttons underneath the faders on the LaunchKey to select the song - the first button maps scenes 1-8 to the pads, second button maps scenes 9-16 to the pads etc. etc...


I know this would be a lot easier if I just had the 8 clips laid out in a row horizontally on 8 different tracks and then just used the round scene up and down buttons to the right of the 16 pads to move between songs but I need to have all of the clips laid out in one track. 



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