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Hi . . . need some help with tempo changes in arrangement view.

The piece I'm working on once had some tempo changes, but somehow I deleted them and I can't seem to replicate them.

The "song" is largely in6/4 and 5/4 at 72 bpm, then changes to 9/8 at dotted crotched =80. 

I've tried deleting all automation from the master bpm box and then re-applying the tempo changes in track automation "song tempo," but this doesn't seem to work. 

As it now stands it seems I have a choice between an unnaturally fast first section (in the 6/4/ and 5/4) and a second section at the correct tempo; or a first section that goes at the correct speed, but does not increase tempo for the 9/8 section. 

There is a currently a white dot in the upper left hand corner of the bpm box (upper left hand side. When the automation was working properly this was red, not white.

In addition, if I delete all automation lanes, the indication for "song tempo" below "mixer" in the master track, is greyed out. Somehow this doesn't seem right.When I try resetting everything from scratch, after removing all tempo automation lanes, beginning with a tempo of 72 bpm. I set a tempo range of 70 - 120 and add in markers at the relevant places. But the tempo doesn't change; In fact it doesn't seem to matter what new tempo I set it at: the section that is supposed to be at the new tempo is always slow. And there's the "dreaded white dot" in the bpm marker in top left.

I've looked through the manual but information there appears to be minimal. There are also similar questions posted here, but they don't seem applicable to me.

Somehow I think this has something to do with the white dot. What does a white dot as opposed to a red dot mean?

Hmmmn . . . . 





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    Great thanks for letting us know how you sorted it ?

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    Disregard . . . . . I've managed to figure it  . . . . . 

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