Changing sample preview from loop to one shot?


Does anyone know how you can change the previewing of samples in Live 9 when scrolling through the browser? I'm talking that little blue headphone icon with the "RAW"option on the right of it.

Is there a way to make it play your selected sample as a one shot all the time ?. sometimes it repeats really fast for short samples and is irritating, I haven't found a way around it.




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    It should do it automatically but if it doesn't you can modify the behavior of Sample playback from Preferences>Record,Warp,Launch

    Under the "Warp/Fades" heading press the drop down next to "Loop/Warp Short Samples"

    Yours will probably be set to "Auto", Live does a fairly decent job at guessing what Samples are Loops or One shots but it's not perfect so you can change its behavior by setting the following:

    Choosing "Warped Loop" will make the Samples to playback quantized and looped.

    Choosing "Warped One Shot" will make it playback once, quantized.

    Choosing "Unwarped One Shot" will make it playback once, not quantized.

    Turning on "RAW" will force playback to be unlooped and unwarped regardless of Preference.


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    OMG that was killing me. I LOVE YOU

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