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Could you help me how I can change the length of slices in a loop with time stretching easily? For example, I have a basic melody, like ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. So a new sound on every beat. But while I want to keep the original melody, I'd like to change its rhythmic formula: ti-taaaa-ti-ta-ta-taaaa-taaa-ta-ta...etc.

In Reason loading a sample into an audio track, the software places slice headers to the clip on the transients (which I can extend with additional ones), and I just move those markers to the desired locations making the corresponding slices shorter or longer, and Reason does time stretching by every slice automatically.

How could I achieve similar behavior in Live? Can the Simpler help me in this?



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    Nevermind. Just moving warp headers makes the trick :)

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