changing default behavior of APC40

Hi guys!

On the FAQ section of the AKAI APC40 page there's this question:

"Will AKAI Professional release a template editor for the controller mappings?"

And the answer is:

"In each Live Set, you can edit what any controller or button does by going into MIDI mapping mode in Live. If you want to change how the default APC40 mapping acts in Live, you would need to purchase Max for Live, available from Ableton’s Web site. Akai Professional will not be releasing a separate template editor."

​Now my question: How do i exactly use M4L to do this?! I own M4L but don't know where to start.

I want to edit the behavior of the faders of the APC40. I want to change that when the faders are fully up the volume should be 0.0dB max and not +6.0dB.

HAs anybody done this yet? Can anyone help? thx in advance



gplr 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Mitch707
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    Actually you don't need M4L to do what you want to do. In midi map mode, if you assign the fader to the same fader in Ableton. You can set the parameters in the midi mapping window.

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  • ktdukes
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    Hi guys,     I have a question.   When I hook on the apc40, divice controls are automatically loaded in and they fuck about with my effect, panning etc.  This is the standard setting I guess. I would want them to be 'clean' and not move any presets, panning etc. I'v made. (sometimes I touch and turn them by accident :-)      how to clean this and start from scratch mapping midi to the apc40?? (these assignment presets don't show on the ableton 'midi list')

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  • Warrior Bob
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    This doesn't directly answer your question, but perhaps you could use a Utility plugin at the end of your effect chain in each track to drop the volume 6 dB? Maybe a limiter? You'd still see +6 on your track faders but if I understand correctly they'd be operating as if they were at 0.

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  • max2f
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    as long as you dont exceed 8 channels i would prefer mitchs solution... it keeps the signal very clean (this might not be audible for djing)

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  • thefahze
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    Hi guys hope you can help me with this


    I use an apc40 with live for live mixing, I use serato sl3 as an audio interface with a bacbook.


    I created a template using some of the akais pre midi setups ( manly clip lunches) and midi mapped the nobs the faders and the little buttons right on top of the faders.


    In my template I use 3 audio tracks each one with some rack effects and so.


    In between of each audio track (1,3,5) I use another 3 tracks (2,4,6) on this tracks I don’t load any clips. I just use them so I can have a vertical line with no lights between the channels 1,3, and 5


    What I wanted to do as I have seen tracktor users doing, is to use those chanels with no lights (no clips loaded) tu perform as VU meters.


    I understand this could be quite difficult as it requires some advance midi configuration…



    Any one can help me with this?



    5 years ago | 0 comments

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