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I have imported this song as an mp3 into Live and have isolated the very beginning keyboard part right up until the drums come in (I have put this in an audio track).  My goal is to track that entire keyboard part so that I can play it live in a cover band. Im guessing I would play that track from an iPad, computer or phone going into the PA.

If link doesnt show here pls look up on You Tube:" i didn't mean to turn you on extended dance mix" (by Robert Palmer)


I next want to extract the exact sound and use it to pencil in or play the part that happens in the chord change of the song (link above). If you scrub further down the song, there is a chord change which happens when the song title is sung "I Didnt Mean To Turn You On").

So far, all I have been able to come up with is slicing the audio track where the song bit to a new midi track (transient slices). All it does is divide the keyboard into multiple slices (duh indeed). But what I really want is to create a scale of of that keyboard sound so that I can pencil write or play and record the part that happens in chord change. I havent figured out how to do this. Follow me?


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