cant hear audio when i play the drum rack

when i add a drum rack instrument to a midi track and select computer midi keyboard i can type and i can see the yellow input bounce up when im typing so i know its receiving input. i can record onto that midi channel when i press the keys, i can see it leaving the markers in the track display, and when its played back the yellow bar down on the drum rack blips as if it should be playing a sound. the double green bar doesnt move on that midi channel however. all the other play back is fine, i can hear myself through my interface(18i20) on the headphone channels while im playing and it plays back through the headphone channels after ive recorded. i also tried plugged my computer speakers(no real monitors yet) into a single monitor out and playing that way, no change. i can only hear the real input audio that i record, guitar/bass/vocals.


devilduck 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    i figured it out, you have to assign each spot on the drum rack with a sound, so in the browser on the right you choose what you want and drag it to the drum rack on the device bar at the bottom, then the key you assign it to will play that sound when you press that key.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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