Can you transpose MIDI using MIDI from a different clip?

Can I automate the MIDI pitch plug in to be automated from a different clip?

I want to have a series of clips (7) of single MIDI notes forming a scale in a single track and use the 'other' follow action to jump to a randomly different ( but in scale) note.

Now how would I use this MIDI note to automate the Pitch plug-in on a different track.

Overall I want my pitched scale to jump around the scale every 16 bars and to be able to transpose other instruments off that jump. as the jump will be random, everything has to be chained to it, for all the instruments to transpose the same amount...




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    Hi Hamildad,

    If I read your post correctly, you want notes playing on one MIDI track to be interpreted as pitch transpositions which will offset the pitches of notes playing from MIDI clips on other tracks.  In other words, you want the output of one track to control pitch transpositions of other tracks, and you want this to occur in realtime, as the piece is playing.

    I spent months searching for a way to do this in Ableton, either through the program itself or through use of an add-on, but was unsuccessful. There's no end of MIDI utilities that will destructively edit clips, but nothing I could find to accomplish transposition nondestructively and in realtime.  So I resolved to build the capability myself, and I am pleased to report that I have succeeded.

    I've created a pair of freely downloadable MaxForLive devices, collectively called "TransposerRT," that together allow you play pitch changes from one track, with these pitch changes being received on other tracks and causing whatever they're playing to be transposed accordingly.  For example, suppose you're improvising, laying down musical ideas, and would like use a single finger of your left hand to simultaneously transpose the notes coming from clips on your bass and pad tracks, while using your right hand to play melody on a lead synth VST.  This is very easy to accomplish with TransposerRT.

    The devices are available for download from .  Enter TransposerRT in the search box and you should find them.  On the download page, you'll see a description of the devices.  Also, I created a YouTube tutorial video (please don't judge me on the quality of the video - I'm much better at making MaxForLive devices than YouTube videos, I promise!).  If you want to see it in action to get a quick idea of what it does, jump to 3:30.

    P.S. The video is long and excruciating, but if you can manage to suffer through the whole thing, I think there's some useful info about a couple of controls on the receiver ("Resend on Offset Change" and "Note Delay") that can be used to deal with the potentially annoying problem of MIDI time indeterminism - i.e., what happens if, for some reason or another, a pitch offset arrives and should be applied to an incoming note, but the transposition doesn't take effect until after the note has gone out.  I start talking about that at 8:12 in the video.

    P.P.S.  FYI, here's how the TransposerRT MaxForLive device pair works:

    One of the devices is the pitch offset Sender and the other is the Receiver.  The Sender generates and sends pitch offsets. It has a setting called Root Pitch; upon receipt of a MIDI note, the Sender compares the incoming note's pitch with the root pitch. and the difference between the two is sent out as the offset.  So if the root pitch is 60 (C3, Middle C) and you play the note one octave above (C4, 72), the difference is 72-60 = 12 semitones, which is sent out as the offset.

    A Receiver device sits on a MIDI track before the VST (or instrument, external device etc.), and passes MIDI notes from the track's currently playing clip.  However, before passing on the MIDI notes, it adjusts their pitch in accordance with the latest offset from the Sender.  So, for example, if the latest pitch offset from the Sender is 12 semitones, then notes output from the clip will be transposed 12 semitones before being passed on to the VST.


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