Can you save instrument channel strips WITHOUT the accompanying MIDI?

I have an instrument and some AU effects after it, have done some MIDI programming. I'd love to be able to save the instrument and effects to the User library but without the MIDI - currently it seems to store the midi so when I am in a new song and want to use that preset I've made, it loads the MIDI I programmed as well. Is there a way to avoid this? To just get the patch/au fx without the associated MIDI programming? Thanks


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    You can save fx settings per device by using the save-button on that same device.

    If you want to save a combination of fx units and settings, put them all into an fx rack and save that fx rack as a whole. Again, using the save button on the device itself. this way you only save the settings/device combo and no midi. Midi is only saved if you save the entire project.

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