Can you have multiple loop brackets in arrangement view?

I use Live in a band setting (live musicians playing over some sampled material w/a click) and we use one giant track in Arrangement view with locator markers for the song beginnings (lots of automation, tempo changes, Arr. view is best).  We often need to loop certain areas for soloing and currently the only way I have figured out how to do it is to manually drag the loop brackets around and toggle loop on/off. Is there another/better way to accomplish this? Thanks!


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  • ttilberg
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    It sounds like the functionality you are seeking is the ability to quickly jump to specific sections. If this is the case, perhaps a combination of setting Locator flags and a loop brace at 8 or 16 bars or something can help you. I would map some midi controls to these buttons here:

    With that you can easily trigger various sections of your track. You can even map a midi control to specific flags once they have been set.

    Using this method will make it possible to name the various structures of your song (i.e. intro, chorus, bridge, etc), and jump between them immediately. 

    You can also map a midi control to toggle the loop on and off for you. I do not know if there is a command to increase/decrease loop bracket size on a global scale, I believe it can only be done on a per-clip basis.

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  • AltoSunrise
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    Hey, I'm having the same issue. Mapping the markers to a foot controller and turning the loop on/off with the controller still doesn't move the loop bracket to the new marker, at least as far as I can see. Any further info would be awesome. 

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