Can you both sing and play an instrument into Ableton at the same time?

Can you both sing and play an instrument into Ableton at the same time?


I have Ableton Live Lite 6 on Windows 7 64bit. I can record audio while a MIDI piece is playing back but I don't know how to make the timing come out right or have the same number of measures in each track.


It seems it would be much easier to simply play keyboard and sing into Ableton simultaneously. Is this possible?


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  • wehkah
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    Hold CTRL then arm the tracks you need to record.


    Arm the Vocal track and set the Midi track Monitor IN . So you can play keyboard & the vocal will be recorded when you press record.

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  • Zachrey
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    Thanks so much for the reply, wehkah!


    I tried the CTRL trick to arm both the audio and the midi tracks. But when I recorded, only the midi recorded. The audio track did not appear.


    I tried clicking on the midi track to start recording and got a midi track but no audio track. I then clicked on audio track to star the recording but got no midi track.

    I tried the "Monitor In" button but I must not understand what to do. I am a newbie at this so ... I saw the tutorial on using "Monitor In" for several midi tracks all rolled into one main track. Maybe there is something "different" about audio??

    I did figure out how to use the delay. I recorded the midi and then recorded the audio separately while listening to the midi playback. Then I adjusted the delay so that the two were synchronized. I was surprised that the required delay was about 340 milliseconds!


    Any further hints would be much appreciated!


    Thanks in advance!


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