Can the locators change their position in the timeline according to tempo changes?


I am working on the soundtrack and I'm looking for a way to keep cue markers in sync when there are tempo changes on the music while the video remains at its original speed (with its clip unwarped).

Right now, if for instance I set a locator to 00:20 at 120 BPM, and automate the tempo before that time, the locator will still stay at it position, instead of 'following' the timeline.

Is there a way the locators can change their position on the timeline according to the tempo changes?

If not, does anybody know a workaround to keep visual cues in time when making tempo changes? (The article "Working with video" seems to focus on something else: matching music to the master tempo of the video.)

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olivierarson 2 years ago | 0 comments

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