Can't hear my drum machine connected via USB

I bought the 'Arturia DrumBrute' Drum Machine and would like to set it up with live 9 and connect it via USB. I managed to setup a midi track and receive the sounds from my drum machine. I see the volume go up and down as i play the drum machine and when i record there is patterns appearing on the midi track. The problem is that I can't hear anything. How do I fix this ? Thank you very much in advance. 

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    Just to make sure: the way you explain it now there is an easy explanation. The usb port on the drumbrute is only for midi data. So setting it up on a midi track means you are only sending/receiving midi.
    You need to use cables to get the sound from the drumbrute into your audio interface and Live. And for that, you also need an audio channel as input ór you use an 'external instrument' plugin on the midi channel to combine both audio and midi.

    But I really suggest reading the drumbrute manual and the Live manual. Because you need to understand how midi and audio work.

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