Can't get Standard Multi Track wave files to sink up and play out of tune

I recently purchased some good quality Standard Multi Track Wav files but when I try to play them back in the arrangement view I just don't seem to be able to play them back in sink, no matter how I move them along the arrangement view timline.

I amsumming I am not setting something up in live 8. My computer is 10 years old with an Intel 4 Processer, 3.25 RAM, M Audio 2496.

Anyone out the who can please.




michaelblount 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • fidelitarean
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    Make sure that either none of them are warped or that all of them are warped to the original tempo of the WAV files then check that they all start at the beginning of the song and line them up.

    I have encountered some multitracks online where not all tracks start at the beginning of the tune. Some only start at the first occurrence of the particular instrument.

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  • michaelblount
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