Can't get MFB Nanozwerg to play using MIDI send from iCON Midi Port 2

I have just purchased my first hardware synth, MFB Nanozwerg. The output from the synth runs into my M-Audio NRV10 firewire mixer and I can hear the static/buzz when I touch the lead or plug it into the output of the synth, so the audio routing seems to be ok and I would at least hear the synth output if it were working.

I've tried routing the MIDI out to both MIDI 1 Out and Midi 2 Out on the 'Midi To' menu and toggled between channels 1-16 on each. Nothing seems to make a sound on the Nanozwerg.

Do I need to set anything up in the MIDI preferences?

Maybe the Nanozwerg is defective... :(

Thanks in advance for any help.


Lockah 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Maybe you should check the Nanozwerg settings? Most synths have many options for midi in/output. Maybe you need to change something.

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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