Can't get clips to play at the same time

I must be doing something wrong.

How do I get clips to play at the same time?

I can see them all in arrangement view but only one clip plays :(


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  • B-track
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    [Live 9] In arrangement view - on the most right hand column select all the clip numbers (1,2,3, etc) to yellow.

    In clip view the numbers will be at the bottom of each column.

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  • david.barker
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    The clips have to be in a line for them to be launched  (its called a scene)

    Clip play arrows, have to be green to play.

    Look to the right and you will see a vertical row of arrows,these are called


    your line of clips will  show a long highlighted bar pointed to the scene launch arrow

    Click on that and clips start to play (you can hit the space bar to stop and play) as well.

    And also use the stop all clips button,as well

    You can fire off individual clipsl (maybe thats what you been doing?)

    see my picture for an idea

    You can of course use follow actions,to create random playing of your clips,scenes.

    ,But I haven't done this yet,but worth reading up on.



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  • ShelLuser
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    In arrangement view (the "horizontal lane view") you don't really work with clips but more so with tracks.

    So if one track isn't making any sound the most likely option here is that you changed something in the arrangement or one of the tracks got "overridden" by something in the session view.

    In short: look for a red button at the top of the screen which is called "Back to arrangement". It sits right to the "OVR" option and left to the quantization menu (sitting at 1 bar by default).

    Once you click that the arrangement view will be fully active once again.

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